The Purpose of THIS website is...


  ... to Establish just who this "Jesus" of the Bible truly is.
  • Was He just a Man?
  • Some say an Angel?
  • Yet others, God!

Face of Jesus This is a Christian website! We believe in God The Father, God The Son, and God The Holy Spirit, individual, yet mysteriously ONE! This Doctrine is called the "Trinity", although the "word" trinity does not appear in the Bible, the doctrine of 3 yet 1 is clearly defined throughout the Scriptures, both Old and New Testaments.

This is a simple web site, to give you a history and knowledge of the Old and New Testament regarding the Lord and the way to heaven.

    Jesus on the Cross If you are skeptical, examine the scriptures for yourself. I encourage anyone reading this to take it a step further, and boldly ask Jesus if He is God! Jesus came that we might know Him and be in relationship with him. If he is truly God, wouldn’t you want to know! What have you got to lose? If he is not, then nothing will happen, but if He is and you want to know, wouldn’t that be the most exciting relationship you could ever imagine!

Jesus face clothed If you believe that Jesus is NOT fully God, and you are right, then you have nothing to fear, BUT, if you are WRONG, and Jesus IS fully God, then you could be facing Eternity separated from God, experiencing the wrath of The Father in its fullest, being thrown into outer darkness where there is gnashing of teeth, aloneness never experienced before, and torment by demons that NEVER, EVER, EVER stops.

I challenge you, as you look at these scriptures to boldly talk to Jesus and ask Him if He is, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Rev.19:6

    Jesus' birth If you are sincere, expect to see results. Even if you're not, you might still get results. The Bible tells us that Jesus went to heaven so the Holy Spirit will come. The Holy Spirit is our Teacher, our Guide, our Comforter, and our Helper. If we ask, He will indwell us. So, ask Jesus and the Holy Spirit to teach you truth. None of us want to be deceived or believe lies. So Pray that your eyes would be opened to THE Truth regarding this subject.
    The entire Christian faith is not about sitting in church, it’s about knowing personally the Savior and being in relationship with Him, following Jesus! Christian means followers of Christ. You owe it to yourself while you are still alive on this earth to read this web site. Read your Bible and Pray! Find out who Jesus really is. Church is where we learn about God, make sure your Church is teaching you the Words of God & who the real Jesus is.

What YOU do with the person of Jesus Christ in this life,
Determines where you spend Eternity!
Don’t put God off, time is of the essence!

On this web site, you will find the renowned book "Jesus: A Public Defense of His Deity",
written by Josh McDowell. This book covers each subject by topic.

Each Title subject then takes you to the Scriptures on that subject, referring to Jesus’ Deity.
They flow in a way to give you an Old Testament and New Testament view.

Lamb of God and Jesus Birth are most important.

I hope this is an enjoyable journey for you!


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